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25. 10. 2022

Pepa U. lead a debate on language development in babies (Faculty of Medicine, UK, Hradec Králové). He also presented his research on EEG speech measuring in newborns. If you are interested in this topic, see the TV spot here (only in Czech).

31. 9. 2022

We participated in the event European Day of Languages (Faculty of Arts, Charles University). Natálie K., Natalia N. a Katka Ch. organized workshops on language learning across the life and then Katka Ch. gave a lecture on this topic for public.

Then we presented methods how to measure speech and language on Czech European Researchers’ Night at the Institute of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences (Martina and Natálie K. –⁠ neuromethods, Natalia N. –⁠ behavioral online experiment, on McGurk effect, Katka K. –⁠ word segmentation in babies, Nikola P. –⁠ eye-tracking). You can read more about our projects and methods in the section Projects. Thank you all for the participation!

23. 8. 2022

Katka K. and Katka Ch. spoke about word segmentation in infants and how this can help to children which have difficulties with comprehension, on the radio (Radiožurnál, Český rozhlas). You can listen to the recording here.

22. 6. 2022

Katka Chládková was awarded by Prémie Otto Wichterleho for young researchers. Congrats!

9 až 11. 6. 2022

We participated in the conference WILD 2022 on baby and infant language development. Our research was presented by posters: Martina (neuromethods in linguistics), Katka Ch. (word segmentation in infants) a Lucka (CDI, a tool for measuring vocabulary and gestures, see the Czech adaptation Dovyko).

2. 6. 2022

Science Fair 2022

We presented our research for public on Veletrh vědy 2022 (Science Fair by Czech Academy of Sciences). The participants tried to solve a phonetic riddle, read the EEG signal or recognize a foreign accent in Czech. Thank you all for the participation!


We celebrate students’ achievements: Natálie K. and Lucka participated in nationwide competitions Psychologické dny and Student a věda: Lingvistika with their contributions how the friendship choice in preschool and school children is inflated by regional or foreign accent.

20. to 22.4. 2022

We participated in the conference on L2 acquisition New Sounds 2022. Several studies were presented: Naty N. presented a poster about Russian accent in Czech, Martina and Katka Ch. spoke on measuring the perception of Russian or Czech speech sounds by EEG, and finally Václav Jonáš Podlipský spoke about word segmentation in Czech adults (study with Katka Ch., Nikola P. and Šárka Šimáčková).

7. 4. 2022

Katka Ch. spoke about methods in the research on L1 and L2 acquisition in the podcast Věda na dosah (Czech Academy of Sciences). You can play the recording on Spotify, iTunes or Anchor. More info here.


How listening to speech foreign sounds can affect our brain? Katka Ch. cooperated with an international team on the article which was published in the prestigious scientific journal Bilingualism: Language and Cognition (Cambridge University Press). More in Publications.

13. 2. 2022

Our research about measuring the speech in newborns appeared on the TV (Věda 24, ČT). You can watch the report with our Pepa U. and Katka Ch. here (time 10:45).