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21. 7. 2021

Katka Chládková spoke on Radio Wave about how findings from mother tongue research can help in improving the methods of learning a foreign language. The recording and the article can be found here (only in Czech).

20. 3. 2021

We participated in Brain Awareness Week, see our post about how the brain hears speech through the eyes and how this ability changes after wearing masks at this link (only in Czech).

19. 2. 2021

Our research on how face masks lead to an adaption in how we perceive speech was featured in Žurnál UPUniversitas ČT 24.

Katka Chládková spoke about this work on the radio (link here, begins at 10:25), and Jonáš Podlipský on the TV (link here, begins at  0:50).

14. 2. 2021

An article about our research on infant speech during the 1st year of life was published in the magazine UK Forum. You can read the article here (in English).



Speech and language acquisition, including our own studies, is featured in this weekend’s  Hospodářské noviny.


Our interns Natálie Kikoťová, Zita Maršíková, and Jana Šimsová won the first prize at the annual student conference Open Science. Congratulations!

4. 11.2020

Another contribution to popularization of science: The Czech newspaper Hospodářské noviny wrote about our study on how wearing face masks modulates speech perception.

29. 10. 2020

Our colleauge Josef Urbanec won the third place on the 16th Postgraduate Medical Student Conference of the Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové. Congratulations! Some more details are to be found here.


Our simulations of prenatal speech learning predict that already at birth a Czech and a Spanish baby will differ in how they process some of their native-language vowels. You can read the paper here while you stay tuned for our virtual presentation at CogSci this July!


Our review article on early speech acquisition has been accepted for publication in Language Learning! You can find the pre-print here.


An abstract of our talk will appear in the proceedings of the cancelled SPPL 2020 in London.