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9. 4. 2024

Our dear colleague Natálie Kikotova won the undergraduate section of the International Student Psychology Days with her research on angry speech. She found that the adult brain reacts differently when listening to angry speech than when listening to neutral speech. When someone swears at us, neural activity in a frequency band specialized for concentration and learning increases significantly. Congratulations!

5. 4. 2024

Children’s nursery rhymes help to reveal the course of language development: not only about the groundbreaking Irish study on speech perception during the first year of life talked Kateřina Chládková in the program Science Plus in Czech Radio.

12. 3. 2024

The Brain Week 2024, a festival of the latest trends in brain research and neuroscience, has kicked off. Kateřina Chládková will give a lecture on the Language of infants: the attunement of the newborn brain to the mother’s language (more about the Language of infants project here). We also recommend a lecture on Language Development Disorders: brain, genes and communication by Filip Smolík from the AVČR.

10. 3. 2024

The guest of the podcast Na pokec was Kateřina Chládková. You will learn, among other things, what American scientists found when they examined the brain of a dead salmon by magnetic resonance imaging. The podcast entitled On how to control your brain and learn things better and faster is available on YouTube or Spotify.

6. 3. 2024

Kateřina Chládková, Michaela Svoboda and Lucie Jarůšková are part of the research project Conflict in communication: multilingualism and psycholinguistics in the inter-faculty project CoRe. You can read about how we perceive and sometimes judge speakers by the way they speak in this article in Forum magazine.

7. 2. 2024

Language can deceive our senses – how we hear with our eyes or how we subconsciously evaluate speakers after only a few tenths of a second can be read in the article by Kateřina Chládková in the new issue of the magazine Vesmír.

19. 1. 2024

We kindly invite you to the Cognitive School 2024, which we co-organize within the Institute of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences. It will take place next week, from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th January 2024.

In the programme, the members of the speakinlab will present several projects: a lecture will be given by Maroš Filip on Semantic and syntactic anomalies in Czech: an ERP study (a joint project with Filip Smolík), Natálie Kikoťová on The effect of negative emotion on neural speech tracking and lexical processing, Monika Kučerová on Preschoolers’ production of L2 vowels is affected by input quality: A longitudinal study and Martina Dvořáková on Neural preparedness for spoken language: neural speech tracking in newborns of Czech-speaking, Russian-speaking, and signing mothers.

In the poster session, Lucie Jarůšková will be presenting the project Perceptual biases for L1-accented speakers in infants: prior studies and our pilot data and Kateřina Kynčlová and Michaela Svoboda on Neural tracking of visual-only speech.

We look forward to seeing you!

4. 1. 2024

For the journal Vox pediatriae, aimed at paediatricians and other professionals working with children, we have prepared an article on Bilingual children and bilingual upbringing, in collaboration with doc. Filip Smolík from the Institute of Psychology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The article can be read here.