Nikola Paillereau

Nikola specialises in phonetics with a focus on phonetic learning of languages (L1 and L2). In her Masters and PhD studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris, she researched the acquisition of L2 segmental contrasts and prosody in adult learners. She was interested in to what extent Czech learners produce French vowels in a native-like manner. During her post-doc undertaken in two French laboratories of excellence (Labex EFL – Paris and ASLAN – Lyon), she analyzed babbling of French infants, mainly with the aim to trace the developmental trajectory of syllable duration, which reflects infants’ articulatory skills. Currently, Nikola is a post-doc in SPEAKin lab (affiliated at Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences), where she uses behavioural paradigm to investigate the perceptual development of vocalic contrasts and linguistic rhythm in Czech infants and on their abilities to learn new contrasts from foreign-accented input.