Kateřina Chládková

Kateřina works on how people learn and process speech and language. She is interested in developmental auditory and speech science in general, and within linguistics in all areas of laboratory phonology and phonetics. After her PhD at the University of Amsterdam (2014), followed by two postdoctoral periods (at the University of Amsterdam and at Leipzig University), she started her own research group in Prague (2018). The current projects of this group were designed to uncover how, when, and from whom, Czech-exposed infants learn the speech sounds of their language and how they learn to recognise words. Besides the so much needed empirical work with Czech-learning babies, she continues to research auditory and speech learning in older children and adults. She uses behavioural, neurophysiological (EEG and MEG), and computational methods (neural networks).
When not in the lab, you would most likely find Kateřina with her three little boys. She loves walking in the woods and by the sea, she’s kind of a foodie, and likes to sing (when no one’s listening).

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